red square Are you feeling overwhelmed as a parent?

red square Having trouble modeling healthy boundaries?

red square Do you feel like a “bad parent” sometimes?

All parents struggle with parenting at some point in their child’s life. Most never seek support and feel they should know how to “solve” the perplexing dynamic of parent-child. The moment we seek support is the moment we can start to change. It does indeed take a village. Are you ready?

Parenting a child of any age in our modern-day world can be one of the most confusing and anxiety provoking experiences there is. When we parent from anxiety, the child internalizes not feeling safe. They may either mirror the anxiety to the parent or try to hide away their anxiety to protect the parent. Taking the initiative to work through your own issues that erode your capacity to best parent is a must. Learning and applying key tools for parenting will help you to stand in your true power and parent from a more relaxed and grounded place.


Learn tools to help you:

  • Set and enforce consistent boundaries
  • Manage your child’s difficult emotions
  • Create family rituals
  • Traverse the landscapes of trauma and grief
  • Navigate co-parenting/custody issues
  • Apply self-care strategies
  • Parent an anxious child

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Are you worried about your child? Do they seem anxious, irritable, or withdrawn? Are they having social difficulties?


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