Somatic Psychotherapy

red square Overwhelmed?

red square Feeling troubled by difficult thoughts and emotions?

red square Need tools to help you manage your inner and outer life?

My psychotherapy services are designed to meet you where you are and help you develop tools to manage life with confidence again. I specialize in working one on one with adults, teens, and parents.

My compassionate approach to the treatment of stress and anxiety specializes in using mind/body techniques such as therapeutic breathing practices, mindfulness meditation and movement, therapeutic touch (when and if appropriate), and yoga therapy. These methods of bringing attention into the body help to calm the mind and release necessary tensions in the body. They also will help you discover resources within yourself that you can access when life’s inevitable crisis arrives.

To complement these somatic methods, cognitive behavioral therapy and psychodynamic interventions are used to help you uncover outdated and negative belief systems or untangle family dynamics that continue to cause distress in your life.

Stress relief

Psychotherapy services are available for individuals, couples, adolescents and families.

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Are you worried about your child? Do they seem anxious, irritable, or withdrawn? Are they having social difficulties?


Are you feeling overwhelmed as a parent? Parenting a child in our modern-day world can be one of the most confusing and anxiety provoking experiences there is.


Need practical and effective methods for improving performance or morale? My consultation services may be just the thing.

Yoga Therapy

Create or refine a therapeutic-based yoga practice that is tailored to your personal needs. I offer one-on-one yoga therapy sessions.