When we attend to our breath, the capacity for a deep listening awakens.

This awareness shines its light on the present moment and unveils the many forms of consciousness that arise and pass away. As we arrive more fully into ourselves, a truth emerges. This truth defies censorship, judgment, and reason. It is an exquisite voice that arrives in its own time, with its own unique message to help guide us as we traverse an ever-complex world.

These words are my truth, the result of a commitment to deep listening and trust in life below the surface of things. The blessings and burdens of loving, feeling, and thinking define our individual path but also bind us together in our collective joy and suffering. These tales of awakening a sensitive heart and a peaceful mind are spoken from flesh and bone as an embodied experience of Source, the mystery of what animates us. Let these words speak to your own journey and the journey of all beings everywhere. May all beings be happy. May all beings be peaceful. May all beings be free from suffering.


There is nothing more basic
More ordinary, more universal
Underneath every moment
Than this breath

Involuntary and circuitous
Without beginning or end
Our most intimate life partner
Expands and contracts
Within the very fabric of this skin
As we sing and dance
Struggle and grasp
Each breath
To the message you send it
As you swim on the surface
Of a thrilling life that pleases and threatens
That invites you to quietly lie down
And shrewdly protect yourself
All at once
And this one thing
That binds you to this moment
The one thing you have to be present with
And it is this you cannot purchase
This you cannot borrow or steal
For this is yours to meet
Whether stranger or friend
With your mindful attention
With your kind presence
With your curious mind
It will be there
When no else can
Or no one else will
This foundation of your aliveness
With which you align yourself
To quiet the mind
And de-mystify the body
To penetrate truth
And uncover peace

The inhale
Allows you to make contact
And expand the space inside
Drawing in precious oxygen
To our lifeline of crimson rivers
Flooding every organ, every tissue, every cell
A feeding frenzy that energizes and mobilizes
Our dreams and visions

The exhale
Allows you to relax
And feel your feet on the earth
Expelling out carbon dioxide
To our lifeline of trees and plants
Our generous contribution to nature
That supports and beautifies
Our dreams and visions

And the stillness
That space between each inhale and ex
That invokes us to pause
To meet each impulse with restraint
So that we may get a taste
Of the sweet nectar of stillness
Ever-present in each one of us
Underneath time
This pulse of breath
Indifferent to our mood or state
Race or religion
Connects me to you
And you to another
In a tapestry of ego-less community

And it will be on your day of expiration
From this form
That your breath returns to the formless
That you give it back to seamlessly light the flame
Of a new being born again
And others will gaze down on your breathlessness
With deep wonder and earnest respect
For all your breath offered you in this life

As long as you are still here
Intertwined with your winds of life
Seek the intelligence that is already in you
Breathing in and out as you listen
To the words that invite your presence
To slip into the life of breath
Your most indelible life partner
That is here to help you like none other
Live your dreams and visions

Just this
And exhale
So ordinary is peace
So ordinary is peace

Lotus vignette

Let it be Ok

Don’t move
You are right where you need to be
You may have forgotten
What it is you are doing
And the lessons
That pain and struggle
Will teach you

You want to be somewhere else
In some other place
Where the illusion of certainty
Is painted thickly about
They are just sensations
And perilous thoughts
The very work you must endure
And drive through the center of
With the very same
And the very same
And your intention
To grow awake
And to help awaken
A world asleep
In a dream
With no vision

All that you can
And honor your blessings
For they grace you with
The force that drives you
The honor that bestows you
The gratitude that humbles you
Evenly mixed for culinary embodiment
You are what you eat
And your food is your thoughts
Your heart
And this vital aliveness
The diet of manifestation
Lingers with brilliance
The reflection of the divine
That you offer back to itself
For its own sublime plan
To reflect peace
And contentment
To people who fight
And want more
Of things that will break
And fall apart in the end
Back to the pain
And the thirst
For completeness
With withoutness

Breathe deep
And breathe again
And follow it with your mind
And let it take you deep inside
To the formless castle
You will never inhabit
But for a moment
In the now
Where you sweep through every room
To see the view
And they are all the same
And reflect the same glassiness
Of an alpine lake
The same beauty
That rests in your heart
Underneath all that crushes you

The vulnerability
And let it be ok
Your vision will guide you
If you honor the terror
Of having nothing
And being no one
Just the beating of the drum
In your heart
Finding the right rhythm
The right flow
For your life to take flight in
The cool winds of air
Carry you
Through these days
Of tomorrow
Where everything you let go of
Comes back to you again

Everything that you say
And trust
That all that you see
Will be

It just might look different than you think

Lotus vignette


You are starting to see yourself
As you are
This breath
Dissolving yourself with each exhale
You are not pushing anything away anymore
You no longer see the need to hold on
Reminder after reminder
Tells you to be here
As you are
And let that be real
And let that be truthful
The fear of the ground beneath you
The falling down
Into the same abyss
That awaits you
When you cling to fear
And the sharp edges of the unknown
You have been here before
But you know now
More than ever
How you got here
To see the transgression
Of fear echoing through the heart
Wondering about its own future
Languishing in its own past
This vulnerable heart
Pulsing and beating
Seeing fear
Seeing promise
Allowing them to be the same
And returning back
To the pulsing and the beating
The in and the out breath
Leaving only you
Just you
With all of the gifts you have been given
To share with the world
That is sorely in need
Of the message you offer
In this moment
And the next
And the next
That you will be supported
By the magic that infiltrates
Every vision you have seen and felt
That the challenges you face
Are the teachers you seek
And that what transforms you
Is what you will teach
At a time
When it is most needed
In the mystery of what is true
And never fear cracks in the heart
For there is always healing
In living
And comfort
In returning
To the pulsing and beating
The in and the out breath
You are starting to see yourself
Without the clutter
Of the past and the future
In awakening
What has been buried
All your life

Lotus vignette


Time and space to let go
Itís what youíve been waiting for
So what are you waiting for
Go in swiftly
And be easy with what you find
And notice what you notice
For the sake of your own life
And all the moments of experience that pass through you

Swing from vine to vine
With grace
And an allowance to be free
Feel your way through the darkness behind your eyes
And receive something believable
Unlike story after story of mind
Which will always be there
Looking for you

See yourself as you are
With your most beautiful eyes
And you will find a reflection of luminous presence
Something real
Something you
Not who you think you are
But who you are
This truth
This now
This moment
You are free and alive
Awake to the joys and pains of this life
And return them to the earth

You have let go
Because you care
For the healing of your own heart
And the freedom of your living spirit

Is what you have been waiting for

Lotus vignette