Types of Anxiety/Stress Disorders


Agoraphobia literally means the fear of open spaces although the crux is often the fear of panic attacks. If you suffer from agoraphobia, you are afraid of situations in which you might feel trapped or unable to escape if you had a panic attack. This leads to strong avoidant behaviors from places where it may seem difficult to escape from like crowds, freeways, or planes.

80% of those who suffer from agoraphobia are women.

Complicating this is the common experience of feeling embarrassed or seen having a panic attack. It is common for the anxiety to increase when far from home or in a place where a person is considered “safe”.

It is normal for agoraphobia to start after a few episodes of panic attacks in public. This can lead to a pervasive sense of anxiety through all aspects of one’s life.

Moderate to severe agoraphobia will have a strong impact on the normal work, social, and relational aspects of life.

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